Welcome to Momentum Career Consulting
Sheila Weisblatt, MS, NCC
Master Career Counselor


about who you are, what you want and why


about where you are in your life now; in the future


to have a fulfilling & optimal work experience

Momentum Career Consulting offers career counseling, career coaching and career consulting services. My work as a career counselor is focused on you. Like a mirror, I reflect back your strengths, your talent and the realities of your situation. I offer a safe place for you to discuss your work and life as well as any concerns or barriers that seem to get in your way. One of my strengths lies in presenting perspectives to help you reframe your thinking – to help you find a way to move forward in your life. It is my hope that you will feel confident, motivated and committed.

I am dedicated to helping you make positive and realistic changes in your work and your life.

“When you start walking, the way appears.”
– Rumi