Leadership Perspectives — Fast Company Magazine, Feb. 2017 offers articles and advice.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same can be said about the way you view leadership. Your past experiences, values and personality all contribute to your particular style. You may be a team lead, assume a leadership role for a new project or be the leader. You may approach leadership via consensus, top-down or somewhere in-between.

I think that leadership is an evolving practice, one that is enhanced by taking risks, making mistakes and making adjustments when appropriate. The industry, company and company size also impact how you lead.

Fast Company Magazine’s February 2017 issue has focused on Leadership. The back page has some bite-size suggestions based on the individuals’ personal experience. Sometimes suggestions are affirming–you are doing good! Some suggestions provide you with an ‘ah ha’ moment. For some you might say, ‘no way!”

However no matter the situation, receiving leadership perspectives are usually helpful.

Here are the links to the Fast Company Feb. 2017 issue and the ‘back page’ in particular.