So January is rolling into February in 2 short weeks.  How did this happen? It was just the new year.  Since the end of December and especially since January 1st you have been reflecting on 2018—the changes, enhancements, improvements and goals for this new year.  Right?  How you want your life and work to be this year…. Excellent-now time for action.

So I have been trying to find the perfect quote for this time of the year and decided I like mine.  Here it is: ‘ Life can best be experienced with: Time-Frames with Intention.’ What aspects of your life do you choose to give some attention and intention?  Where do you want to be by the end of 2018 and how do you make that happen?

My January 2017 post offers some suggestions for you.  So I am reposting it here. All you need to do is decide what you want 2018 to be for you –in your work, your home-life, your health, your personal and professional growth, your fun…and what else?  Then you can create some Timeframes With Intention.  Enjoy the process.

— Sheila

From January 2017

Happy New Year! Time for some changes.

It is the 2nd week of 2017–that means the holidays are now behind us, that spacy-ness is dissipating and we are skipping into the next year. The new year always feels fresh — a time for a change, to be inspired, to improve aspects of life — professional and personal.

New year’s resolutions rarely last. I think it is hard to sustain resolutions because the focus is on doing or not doing instead of changing. By the way — if the resolution is not realistic, it tends to be difficult to fit into daily life.

I prefer to ask myself, “what do I want 2017 going to look like?” By that I mean–what do I want to experience and accomplish by the end of 2017? What changes, modifications and enhancements do I want in my life?

I like to consider different aspects of my life, for example: family, health, creativity, work, household, etc. Within each category, I decide what I want to experience or changes I want to make and develop a plan. Then I identify and incorporate small steps into my daily life. Think of this process as ‘time-frames with intention.”

Each month is a time-frame with an intention or purpose and a focus that is related to each category. Each month I experience progress and a sense of accomplishment. Most important, I have kept a commitment I made for myself.

I like to write about what I want to experience and change in a journal along a visual map so I can check the things I have done and add more steps as needed. Being realistic and acknowledging what I have experienced is extremely motivating and contributes to a sustainable plan.

Laugh away your typical new year’s resolutions and embrace the wonderful sensation of choosing, planning and experiencing desired changes throughout 2017.

Best wishes, Sheila