I believe that career counseling is a holistic process. We will integrate your work with your personal life. I am committed to working with you, wherever your path takes you. Our work is confidential and is meant to support and guide you through the process of gaining clarity, perspective and direction.


about who you are, what you want and why

  • so you can make a career change;
  • so you develop strategies for success at work;
  • so you can conduct a successful job search;
  • so you can improve the quality of your life.


about where you are in your life now; in the future

  • what is important in your personal and work life;
  • develop short term/long term strategies;
  • what would career sustainability look like;
  • plan for the next chapter- post retirement.


to have a fulfilling & optimal work experience

  • consider your role, the industry, field & your workplace values;
  • decide; make choices; plan; have a roadmap;
  • identify strategies to manage up & down your organization;
  • strengthen your management/leadership/communication expertise.

I do believe that change is possible;  I don’t think it is quick or easy;  I think that 99% of making a change is being ready;  my work is to help you get there.