Career Counseling Services

Individuals seek out career counseling for a myriad of reasons. Though individuals want to make a change, they often do not know how to begin. They may say things, like:

When people want clarity, they often say or ask:

  • I’m stuck…I want to find work that is a better fit.
  • I would like to find work that is more fulfilling and meaningful.
  • I am ready for a change, how do I apply my skills and experience to something else?
  • I’ve tried many jobs; I am ready to figure out what I really want to do.
  • I’m not happy in my current job. I want to find another job now and then figure out my career for the future.
  • My boss/co-worker and I do not seem to get along; do not communicate well. I need help to work through this situation.

When people need perspective, they often say or ask:

  • My spouse and I are planning to have a family. I need help thinking about my career going forward.
  • I’m concerned that I am too old to make a change. What can I do?
  • I’ve been laid off. I’m worried about finding another job.
  • I’m in my late 50’s/early 60’s. I’m not ready to retire, however I want to begin planning for what’s next.
  • How do I have a life that includes both meaningful work and a full life?

When people are ready for direction, they often say or ask:

  • I want to work remotely; I want to find a job that has flexibility.
  • I want a strategy to move into a leadership role at my organization.
  • I am not visible inside my organization; my voice is not heard. I’d like to develop strategies to improve my situation.
  • How do I conduct a job search using social media?
  • I need help with my Resume; LinkedIn summary; Interviewing.

How do you begin? It usually starts with some self-assessment…

Self Assessment is a self-reflective process.


  • It is the way you reach the clarity you need to make good decisions.
  • It is the way you know what role is a good fit for you.
  • It is the way to choose the industry, field or issue you want to engage in.
  • Is the way to know what kind of company culture is a good fit for you.

Together, we will identify what assessments will help you to feel clear, confident and committed to your decision moving forward.

Information is so important to having clarity and perspective going forward.


  • It confirms and validates your work in self-assessment.
  • It provides a reality check on the plan moving forward.
  • Information about a role or an industry will help you to develop a short term and long term plan.
  • It helps clarify how your choice will fit into your life.

You will find sources of information on line and from individuals who can shed light on the particular role, industry and/or company you are interested in.

A Job Search can begin once you are clear about your direction.


  • It is important to employ several strategies to manage the many moving parts that can be part of a job search.
  • It is important to have all your materials prepared: resume, LinkedIn and cover letter. Be ready to modify them if necessary.
  • Develop a framework for the story you want to tell to your contacts and interviewers – so you can modify it as needed.
  • Develop a structure that works for you to create a regular and consistent schedule.
  • Identify and reach out to your network of friends, colleagues and relatives.

We will work together to create materials that communicate what you want to say about your strengths, experiences and accomplishments. And I will help you to stay focused during your job search— to have structure and a plan; to follow-up; to be responsive to your network and maintain a positive outlook.

Your workplace can be a place for professional growth, to work with like-minded people; to make a difference.


  • There might be an opportunity to move up in your organization; move to different departments; gain domain expertise.
  • Develop effective strategies to communicate and manage up & down the organization.
  • Build a productive cross-functional team.
  • It is often a time to develop management and leadership skills.

We can work together to establish some goals to achieve while you are at work to enhance your work experience and prepare you for the next opportunity.